Never Give Up – You Could Be The Next Success Story!

He was staring at a gun displayed in a gun shop, a few dollars in his pocket just enough to buy that gun and end his life… what he did after made the difference between (A) dead 6 feet under ground or (B) a multi awarded life coach, best-selling author, legend.

I’m not talking about a cartoon superhero with special superpowers, not a fiction book character either. I’m talking about a real person, humble beginnings facing unimaginable rejections but eventually became immensely successful.

This is not a story from a Hollywood movie, this is a story from a real man undergoing through life’s lessons. He never gave up, he never gave in to life’s most difficult lessons.

That man is Og Mandino, he was on the edge, contemplating of giving up, he is making a choice between giving-in to the comfort offered by death or embracing the pain of living the life. He chose not giving up, and the rest is history.

Augustine “Og” Mandino originally was a worker in a paper factory, joined the United States Army Air Corps and was a bombardier during world war II. Reportedly he flew 30 bombing missions over Germany during that war.

When Og returned after the war, he became an alcoholic, the downward spiral of his life began. At his lowest point, he almost committed suicide.

Fortunately, Og never gave up and turned his life around. That resulted to Og writing several books and sold millions of copies, he is one of the most respected self-help authors in the world. The most famous book he has written is “The Greatest Salesman in the World” which up to this day still selling by the thousands and helping people improve their lives around the world.

How did Og recover from that dark period of his life? He simply started reading books. He went to his local library and started reading success and self help books. Fast forward many years from that day, it is his books that will help those who are in or want to help someone in the same situation.

Anyone who has read these books ended up recommending them to friends and loved ones too, a way of paying it forward after benefiting from these life changing works of art.

The Greatest Salesman In The World part one’s story revolves around a poor camel shepherd boy who fell in love and got inspired. He was able to work for the richest merchant in his time and he became the recipient of the merchant’s long hidden secret to success. The 10 Ancient Scrolls that contained the priceless ancient wisdom that has the potential to change the life of the reader from a life of poverty to an existence of abundance.

Each specific scroll is supposed to be read 3x each day for one month. Reading the scroll once after waking up, once after taking the midday meal and once before going to sleep. With each scroll taking 1 month to complete which means a total of 10 months to complete all the scrolls, it is undoubtedly a life changing experience for a lot of people.

Here’s an example from the SCROLL Marked III

I will persist until I succeed

I was not delivered into this world into defeat, nor does failure course into my veins.

I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd.

I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk to sleep with the sheep.

The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny!

I will persist until I succeed.

Thanks to the internet, you can also now access a lot of Og Mandino’s work in the Og Mandino Leadership Institute website.


The Most Powerful Advice Nobody Wants To Hear

The most powerful advice that nobody wants to hear! yet most people act as if it isn’t true, millions of professionals give this advice to their clients everyday. Everyday millions of people realize it is true for themselves or for someone dear to them.

These five words combined and arranged in the right order has caused a lot of people to wake up and change the way they see the world and start living a more meaningful life on the spot!

Everyone alive needed to hear this, yes we all know this but not everyone seem to believe its true until it’s too late.

No this advice does not talk about success or all the techniques about being successful and happy. It doesn’t talk about how to get rich or how to accumulate wealth of any kind. This is not a secret formula nor a proprietary procedure.

Yet the moment the person receive this advise from his or her consultant, that person’s life change immediately, he will take actions immediately, all the priorities in life such as loved ones and relationships or the things he wanted to be, do or have kicks in and suddenly every moment of his /her life counts and must not be wasted.

You’re gonna die! You are going to die if written properly and yes these are the five words that people need to hear everyday. When doctors send this message to their patients, the patient immediately spring into action and start to get their life in order. Things change, priorities change and the value of time and life soar so high that it is never as valuable than ever before.

Yet without that cancer or illness as a reason , the reality is that we are all gonna die. It doesn’t even matter how sick or how healthy the person is, someone healthy will die in the next minute by accident or whatever reason. Someone will die tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. And the real question is, between now and the time you leave this earth, what are you gonna do with your life?

You don’t have to listen to my answer, the following gurus have elaborated on this topic and let me share their advise here.

Gary Vaynerchuk @GaryVee uploaded a video in youtube where he said it very swiftly. “You’re gonna die!” so do something about it!

Steve Jobs talked about “Death” in his famous speech at Stanford University in 2005. A video of his speech can be found at titled how to live before you die. You can skip to the 9th minute for the “Death” part of the speech.At 9:12 of the video he shared that when he was young he learned of the quote “If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you will most certainly be right!”. This is just another way of saying “You’re gonna die!”

“How risky life is? You’re not going to get out alive”

Jim Rohn said it in one of his lectures uploaded in youtube by Motivational Specialist. Exactly at 1:30 of the video below is just another way of saying “You’re gonna die!

Les Brown had a different question but still leaning on the fact that were all gonna die. He asked,

“If you die today? What ideas, dreams, abilities, talents, voice, books, will die with you?

Following is that segment you have to hear for yourself;

So whats the point of bringing up all these videos just to discuss the fact that we are all gonna die? Well, the point is, if we accept the fact that we are all gonna die, if we live each day as if it were our last, we are going to be in our most resourceful state. We are going to be headed to being as successful as we can be. Borrowing these words from Tony Robbins,

“If people are gonna either DIE or SUCCEED, they tend to SUCCEED.

Go and SUCCEED!!!