Never Give Up! It’s Not Over Until You Win!

There’s  a speech about never giving up that strikes the heart like no other. It came from a man who was declared an educable mental retarded when he was young. One day a teacher told him “SOMEONE’S OPINION OF YOU, DOES NOT HAVE TO BECOME YOUR REALITY”.

After that his life made a 180 degree turn for the better, he has been so successful that today he has the privilege to be called  the World’s Leading Motivational Speaker!

You most probably know him, if not then let me tell you that he can easily fill a grand stand in his speaking engagements. In fact there’s a video below that is filled with a lot of stuffs that will help you not give up but keep moving forward and pursue your dreams!

In this video he talks about your dream, and that “IT’S POSSIBLE”. That although sometimes we can’t say “I CAN DO THAT” but we can always say “ITS POSSIBLE”.

He warns though that in the process of pursuing our dreams, you are going to experience a lot of disappointments, failures, setbacks, defeats and pain. But the good thing is that during this process, you are going to discover something about yourself that you don’t know right now. That you have GREATNESS in you! You are more powerful than you can imagine and that you are greater than your circumstances.

In the video that you will find below, he went on to say that in order to succeed, it is necessary to believe in yourself. It is necessary to choose your future, no one can do it for you but you!

Your dream is possible! and

Never Give Up! It’s not over until you win!!!

The man I am talking about is Mr. Les Brown, a gentleman with a very inspiring story and whom I believe without a doubt have changed a lot of peoples lives.

Go ahead and see this video for yourself, I highly recommend it. And please do let me know what you think?


If you want to know more about Mr. Les Brown his official website is






S-U-C-C-E-S-S and F-A-I-L-U-R-E mechanisms

In pursuit of success and excellence, I often come across with great men who have immortalized themselves with principles that continue to live beyond their lifetimes.

One of them is Dr. Maxwell Maltz who was a successful plastic surgeon and also successfully became an expert surgeon of the mind.

Dr. Maltz has sold millions of copies of his book that helps people improve their self image, master relaxation and develop mind development habits that ultimately results to lasting success and happiness.

Here is a guide to detect in advance whether one can end up in success


S – Sense of Direction

U – Understanding the need of self and others

C – Courage

C- Compassion

E – Esteem

S – Self Acceptance

S – Self Confidence

Watch out and heads up, avoid heading to failures-ville, here are the signs


F – Frustration

A – Agressiveness

I – Insecurity

L – Loneliness

U – Uncertainty

R – Resentment

E – Emptiness

Knowing the above acronym is nothing but a guide to help us remember the signs easily. However we need to fully understand the principles behind it in order for us to harness the life changing power of this knowledge. Let me make a recommendation here. One that is definitely life changing and one that I consider a gateway to living an extremely wonderful life.

Here’s the book that can change your life.